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Marc Germain -Radio personality
Mark is a talk radio icon who broadcast from Los Angeles, the country’s top radio market for the past two decades. The youngest full-time host ever on KFI-AM, Marc’s unique no topics, no screeners format generated a loyal following and top ratings most recently at KABC-AM. Marc, also known as “Mr. K,” is a proven performer with a roster of loyal local advertisers. His experience both as a producer and a host helped deliver his goals of creating memorable, entertaining and informative radio. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Political Science, Marc has appeared on CNN, FoxNews as well as in feature stories in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, LA Weekly and New York Times.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Robert Charles Guccione, Jr. (born 1956) - the eldest son of Bob Guccione (founder of Penthouse magazine) - is best known for founding the music magazine Spin.
In 1978, after two attempts at going into the publishing business on his own, Guccione went to work for General Media International - his father's publishing empire. By the early '80s, at which time he was running the marketing and circulation department, he left the company (and purported position as heir apparent) to once again attempt to establish his own brand.
He launched
Spin in 1985 with a loan from Guccione Sr., who abruptly shut down the magazine two years later after General Media experienced a financial dip. These events resulted in a still-ongoing estrangement between the two. Guccione Jr. found new investors and relaunched Spin in late 1987. He managed to gather most of the magazine's old staff, and missed only one month of publication.

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Chuck Wilder - Host of "Talkback" guest host
Topics include - Michael Jackson