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Author Genevieve "Gen" LaGreca holds a BS cum laude in chemistry from Polytechnic Institute of New York and an MA in philosophy from Columbia University . Her first novel, Noble Vision, was a finalist in mainstream fiction in the highly acclaimed Writer's Digest international book competition and the ForeWord magazine Book of the Year Awards. The novel garnered praise from magazine magnate Steve Forbes, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, syndicated columnist Walter Williams, and other influential thinkers. The author is completing her second novel, Freedom's Calling, which was a semi-finalist in the Pirate’s Alley William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition (under the title The Mysterious Cargo). Gen also writes opinion commentaries, which have appeared in the Orange County Register, Rocky Mountain News, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Front Page Magazine, Free Market News Network, Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, Fauquier Times-Democrat, Daily Sundial, Los Angeles Daily Journal, World Net Daily, Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise, Gainesville Sun, Bloomington Pantagraph, and other publications. She has been a lively radio guest, discussing her dramatic novel on popular shows in Providence , Boston , Colorado Springs, Tampa , Hartford , Gainesville , Austin , and other cities. Gen appeared on the Barry Farber Show to discuss her provocative essay "Why We MUST Invoke Our Individual Rights---Now." She has also appeared on the Glenn Beck Show on national TV to discuss her "Self-Help Guide to Living in a Free Society," published in The New Individualist magazine. Gen has been a guest speaker at national and local conferences, delivering her insightful and inspiring speech on the role of individual rights in the fight for freedom, including her speech at the national conference, FreedomFest. Prior to fiction writing, Gen worked as a pharmaceutical chemist, business consultant, and corporate staff writer. As the ghost-writer for healthcare educators, she has written dozens of magazine and newsletter articles that offer timely commentaries on business issues facing medical professionals.

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