Thursday, January 13, 2011

1/13-Sherrif Dupnik Explosed-by Paul Hollrah

Barry nominated PAUL HOLLRAH as the American whose letter did more to turn Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's blaming of the "right wing" for Tucson shootings into a smoking crater. Paul Hollrah grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and worked as a "grease monkey", a farm laborer, an assembly line worker, a sewing machine salesman, a ballroom dancing instructor, a project engineer, a lobbyist for a major oil company, a campaign manager for a presidential candidate, a publisher, an author, and a columnist. He had more to do with the Republican Revolution of 1994 than did Newt Gingrich, and has served two terms in the U.S. Electoral College. He has also been involved in such adventures as getting Americans (and one ex-president of a "banana republic") out of foreign prisons. Paul is now a freelance writer. He is a member of the Civil Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni at the University of Missouri - Columbia and a Senior Fellow at the Lincoln Heritage Institute. He currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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