Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Barry calls it the most spectacular act he's ever seen. Sara, who covered the arts for TV has seen more, but she's never seen the act Barry is so excited about. The performer is STEVE DePASS. He invites members of the audience to throw a theme at him. The shyness passes in a few seconds and people belt out, "Debt Ceiling", "Glassblowing in pre-Renaissance Estonia", "It's my forty-eighth anniversary". Then the band vamps; not long; ten or fifteen seconds whereupon DePass belts forth a SONG, a funny song; a good song, a complete song about the debt ceiling, glassblowing in pre-Renaissance Estonia, and somebody's 48th anniversary. Don't book yourself into Vegas yet. There're no promises you'll be able to DO what Steve does by the conclusion of the show; but Sara and Barry will try to get his secret.

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