Friday, December 12, 2014


Enough earth-shaking news coverage for a while.  Let’s go now to a topic that couldn’t even rearrange a few grains of sand on a placid beach.  Sara and Barry just received a gift package of Omaha Steaks.  Barry would like to know if the epicurean sender of that gift would resent Barry using ketchup when he enjoys it.  One school says it’s bordering on the profane to sully a platter of gourmet beef with any condiment.  Barry’s school says your own mouth is the Supreme Court of whether or not condiments are appropriate, and Barry says his mouth is pro-condiment, by a score of nine to nothing.  Your mind will likely not change because of anything you hear, but you’ll surely end the day with more reason to feel like you already do.

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  1. Can we get these on the Tune In android app please?