Friday, June 13, 2014

6/13-“THEY’VE GOT US SURROUNDED, MEN. DON’T LET ANY OF THEM GET AWAY!” Marine General “Chesty” Puller.

Military science argues that twenty-five soldiers who are motivated can hold a position better than 100, 75 of whom are NOT motivated.  And what if zero of them are motivated?  Welcome to Iraq!  Too many folks look upn these “military sermons” as a kind of “Commencement speech” with a lot of vagaries,puffery,  truisms and platitudes.  Sorry.  “Motivation is a solid, not a liquid or a gas.  How else can we explain Finland with a population half that of Chicago repeatedly repelling the gigantic Russian Red Army in the Winter War of 1939?  Or Israel’s victory in 1967’s Six-Day War in which Israel conquered territory THREE TIMES the size of Israel itself though outnumbered a hundred to one?  Historian ROBERT RODRIGUEZ visits with Sara and Barry this evening to add historical buttressing to the importance of fighters knowing and believing in what they’re fighting for.

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